Our Ingredients

As a local restaurant we care about the ingredients we use. To us that means fresh dough, never frozen, made in-house each day. No extra additives are used to preserve the food we serve. The vegetables we use to prepare our pizza sauce, salads, wraps and toppings are hand cut fresh daily. We believe in quality over quantity.

Our Service

Customer service is a crucial part about what we are about. We care about the service we give to the people of Oviedo. Whatever way you receive your order maybe pick up, delivery, Dine in or even curbside pick up, to us that matters. Our philosophy is simlpe give quality customer service by making the customer feel welcomed.  

Our Atmosphere 

With delicious food we believe the environment that our customers eat in is important, and a clean dining room that is comfortable and has an appealing Wonderland theme allows us to do that. Our mismatch chairs, wall of clocks, chess pattern ceiling, and many more mad concepts give each and every person that steps foot in our door a unique experience. Come step foot down the rabbit hole when you choose Mad Hatter's Pizza!

About us & Our Values 

Mad Hatter’s journey started with Vjollca and Risto Çekani, Albanian immigrants who moved to America in 1996 With 5 kids and a dream of owning their own restaurant. The Çekanis purchased Mad Hatter's Pizza in 2007 with a desire to bring fresh, quality food served in a family environment to Oviedo. Mad Hatter's Pizza has been serving the people of Oviedo for more then a decade with fresh food and excellent customer service in a place that many of our loyal customers call home. As Oviedo's Pizzeria, we invite you to join our family as we continue to strive to bring delicious homemade food to Oviedo.

How we got started